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Check out the new video: Tai Chi Fun with Mantak Chia’s Universal Healing Tao UK

Self defence the Tai Chi Way. The original Tai Chi form was based on fighting techniques and while we don’t encourage people to go round picking fights, we do find it amazingly useful to understand the origins of the movements … Continue reading

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Universal Healing Tao UK

Congratulations to Grandmaster Mantak Chia on a successful European Tour and visit to London, thanks to organisers Christine, Leigh, and Alternatives of St James’s.  Plus a pat on the back for us:  Kris met up with the Alternatives boss, Steve Noble, at … Continue reading

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Candlelight Meditation for Peacemaking, Remembrance and Celebration

Bring heart of light, a song to sing, an instrument to play and food to share for our Peacemaking, Remembrance and Celebration Candlelight Meditation on Sunday 27th November at Universal Healing Tao UK 68 Great Eastern Street London EC2A 3JT

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Mantak Chia’s Healing Love in the Tao – Supreme Sexual Alchemy

MORE ENERGY, MORE LOVE Transform and circulate energy through the Small Heavenly Cycle to prevent the drain of your life-force by excessive ejaculation or menstruation. (Women practitioners have experienced shorter, less painful periods with lighter flow.) Both men and women … Continue reading

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Mantak Chia System Tai Chi Winter Intensive

Get Fit, Get Sharp, Get Flexible with DYNAMIC TAI CHI: Tough Work-out, Dynamic Chi Kung, Improve flexibility and learn effective self-defence for Men, Women. Beginner to Advanced. Form, Structures, Applications, Push-hands, Sticky- and Tricky- hands. If someone were to offer … Continue reading

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