Mantak Chia System Tai Chi Winter Intensive

Get Fit, Get Sharp, Get Flexible with DYNAMIC TAI CHI: Tough Work-out, Dynamic Chi Kung, Improve flexibility and learn effective self-defence for Men, Women. Beginner to Advanced. Form, Structures, Applications, Push-hands, Sticky- and Tricky- hands.

If someone were to offer you a magical secret that could bring you more into harmony with yourself and your environment, power to defend yourself, a sense of deep inner peace, and… all for the investment of a few minutes every day – how would you respond?

Tai Chi can be practised at any age, for health, to enhance our protective energy-field, to strengthen our physical and energetic immune system, to connect with higher and lower forces on the spiritual path, for self-defence, or simply to harmonise with our environment and alleviate the effects of stress.
In the double-helix spirals of Tai Chi we reunite the Yang and Yin forces of our creation, to ebb and flow throughout our meridian network, feeding the organs that sustain our life. We open and stimulate the meridians, the energy-flow channels, enabling the bio-electro-magnetic force, Qi or chi, to come on full charge as we do the slow graceful form.

Healers and Martial Artists use Tai Chi to improve external Qi-projection and internal rooting. Combined with Iron Shirt Chi Kung, DYNAMIC TAI CHI helps develop the rootedness to keep ourselves safe when practising kundalini or astral projection in the higher meditations.
Tai Chi comes to us as a gift from the past, a way to create our own tranquillity: “to keep our cool when all about us might be losing theirs.”

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Take it seriously and have a lot of fun!


About Kris Deva North

Author, Meditation Coach, Teacher of the Taoist Arts and NLP.
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2 Responses to Mantak Chia System Tai Chi Winter Intensive

  1. janie says:

    I’d love to know how many “minutes every day” will need to be dedicated to the practice of this form?

    And I’d be interested to know if there are benefits to learning this Tai Chi form as oppose to Michael Winn’s medical & spiritual chi kung forms?

    Many Thanks.

    • hello Janie and thank you for your question. The form itself, ‘Tai Chi Chi Kung’ as Grandmaster Mantak Chia teaches, (see his book ‘Inner Structure of Tai Chi’) takes just four or five minutes to perform: 13 movements, 4 directions, left and right or Yin and Yang. You can learn it in just a few sessions and spend a lifetime perfecting it. The movements, as in all Tai Chi forms, open out the meridians to the flow of ‘Heaven’ and ‘Earth’ energies, thus nourishing the spirit and feeding the organs. Tai Chi originated as a martial art but, over the centuries, practitioners began to realise the health and spiritual benefits. Michael, like many other of Mantak’s students, adapted the form to emphasise these aspects. Each student finds the right teacher. Enjoy the journey.

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