Mantak Chia’s Healing Love in the Tao – Supreme Sexual Alchemy

Transform and circulate energy through the Small Heavenly Cycle to prevent the drain of your life-force by excessive ejaculation or menstruation. (Women practitioners have experienced shorter, less painful periods with lighter flow.) Both men and women report increased vigour, improved stamina and enhanced sensation through the “whole body orgasm.” In other words, longer, deeper loving.

Tantric traditions and Taoist Tantra
Review and update of Step 1: Inner Smile, Healing Sounds, Chi Kung warm-ups
Special Self Massage Exercises to increase blood-flow to the vital organs and maintain sexual health
Completion of the Microcosmic (click) Orbit
Warming the Stove
Connecting the Energy Centres
Circulating the love-energy
Breath of Life; breathing chi into the sources of Life, the ovaries and testicles
Breath of Love: how to harmonise partnership breathing
Breath of Power: Compression
Opening the Gates: Lake of Yin, Lake of Yang, Fountain and Waterfall
Upward Draw and Big Draw
Cultivating the Energy of Love: opening the gate to bliss on the path to ecstasy

Video demonstration: Yab Yum/Maithuna

Pre-view of Fusion

As spiritual practice, Healing Love is the beginning of the short path to enlightenment through ecstasy, and understanding pleasure as a gateway to bliss, on the path to ecstasy. Conserve and transform sexual energy to release immense, potentially explosive, internal power. Learn to channel it through the Small Heavenly Cycle as a safe foundation for awakening the Kundalini.

Circulate the generative forces from the genital organs to the higher energy centres to invigorate and rejuvenate all your vital functions, improve health, and slow depletion of your genetic energy-bank, or “Ancestral Qi.” Experience more satisfying relationships as a result of doing the practices at any level: physical, energetic, spiritual. Feeling more energy.

“I did the practices before an important job interview and felt so empowered and full of confidence I got the job at once.” Mrs R.M

“Teaching my partner the practices after I did this course on my own made such a big difference to our relationship!” Ms M L

“Now at last I realise what its all about! how can anyone expect to feel spiritual ecstasy if they have not experienced it physically? Thank you so much.” Miss CB

“I’d read books that seemed complicated and clinical. The weekend brought them to life.” Mr EN

“We met on a course here. It was so nice to meet like-minded people and now that we’re together, we really understand each other.” HW & CC

“I’ve had a lot of therapy as an adult, but the practices I learned here really help me cope with the effects of a difficult childhood, and to begin to enjoy my body.” SB

A safe environment with carefully held boundaries helps you understand the theory for your private practice at home. Practices can be equally well carried out alone (single cultivation) or with a partner – dual cultivation.

Longer, better loving: yes, you can become a more effective lover. This is the second step on the Journey, Step 2 of the Taoist Practice.

You can travel on your own, with a partner, or a like-minded friend.

Loose comfortable clothing is recommended for this workshop 26th & 27th November 2011

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