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Congratulations to Grandmaster Mantak Chia on a successful European Tour and visit to London, thanks to organisers Christine, Leigh, and Alternatives of St James’s.  Plus a pat on the back for us:  Kris met up with the Alternatives boss, Steve Noble, at the Mind Body Soul Exhibition shortly before the visit, when Steve said 40 people had booked up for Mantak’s weekend.  Well, when it went out in our newsletter a few days later, bingo! over 100 of you signed up and they had to move to a bigger venue!  Well done, and thank you for your support.
Those who completed GM Chia’s Basic Course (Step 1) and Healing Love (Step 2) are now welcome to progress their training withFusion of the 5 Elements at the Tao Garden in Thailand or right here at the London Universal Healing Tao Centre: authentic training courses with experts in Mantak Chia’s system, validated by your Certificate of Achievement.
For those who missed the Mantak Chia presentation, the next Taoist Inner Alchemy training starts with Step 1 Alchemy of Yin and Yang on 25th & 26th February at the London Tao Centre: Wisdom + Action: Visualisation, Dynamic meditation, Power Qigong = Stress management, Grounding, FlexibilityLearn more
Anamarta returns for the Jade Circles on 25th & 30th November.
Right after the Winter Break our Chief Instructor Matt Lewis runs the Tai Chi Winter Intensive, a fantastic opportunity to get fit, get sharp and get supple. Sign up now for the Intensive Weekend (7/8 Jan) or check out the weekly Dynamic Tai Chi sessions, Monday evenings 6.30 to 8pm just £12 a go, or 10 sessions for £97: yes, this is how to keep your New Year Evolution!
Yes, there’s always a feast of events and great savings here at Universal Healing Tao UK London Centre and meanwhile you can still pick up astonishing bargains at the Mantak Chia Book Sale as we continue our re-stocking so here’s a chance to fill your stocking – or give Mantak Chia originals to deserving friends for Christmas, from Cultivating (that special) Energy (His at just £4.97, Hers £5.97) to Chi Self-massage (1.97) and Lesser Kan & Li for an unbelievable 97 pence.  Is that a wow?  and the others are on with between 50% and 75% reductions.
AND NOW Our favourite meditations are being reformatted for digital download as mp3 (some you will know have been already click) so now we have a HUGE SURPLUS of DVD and AudioCDs to add to the books.  Click it out  and there’s even better deals on theResource Packs eg Tai Chi includes Mantak Chia’s book Inner Structure of Tai Chi PLUS Kris Deva North’s DVD Steel Body Tai Chi, both for just £8.90 + p&p.  Yin Step 2 Foundations is even better:  Mantak’s book Healing Love through the Tao plus Kris’s CD come in at just £7.95 +p&p, and the men’s Resource pack even less: 6.90! Take a look then tell your friends! we’ve a lot of stock to shift – hundreds shipped already, plenty left for you, but hurry, Christmas is coming, sales speed up, post slows down.
New ebook going well: Zen Tao Tan?ra 69 images, 88 pages packed with stories, drawings and meditations from the sublime to the salacious:  Kris Deva North’s journeys of discovery in the past quarter-century began with the simplicity of Zen, led into the complexity of Tao, and culminates in Tan?ra. (the ? is a ‘t’ to slip by the e-censors.) Look here with a click.  You could be reading it in a minute, only £2.97 instant download pdf, or buy from Amazon for your Kindle/iPad (£2.84 UK$4.46 USA) VAT & delivery included.
Taoist Medicine Wheel: Tao of the Shaman 1, Taoist Shaman secrets revealed from rites of initiation to living death, uncut:  click to see.  click here to hear  and for author interview on Paranormal radio, Astral travel to  Zen meditation via Shamanism and Taoist mysticism –  click to hear the Texan drawl – laid back, entertaining, and great questions.
Taoist Book Store on Amazon:  a rich resource for works on Taoist philosophy, healing, martial arts, women’s practices, meditation, shamanism and more, categorised by subject and author, Chia, Cleary, Kohn, North, Reed, Robinet, Wile, Wong et al. Click for a quick flick through AND CHECK OUT the new additionBooks for Taoist Women

Sale of Books and special savings on Resource Packs   for Steps 1 to 4, Tai Chi, Chi Nei Tsang, Jade Circle include the new reduced prices for Mantak Chia originals.

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Author, Meditation Coach, Teacher of the Taoist Arts.
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