Great Review of Taoist Shaman

Extract frrom New Dawn magazine’s review of Taoist Shaman:
The Wheel of Healing chapter opens with a piece of profound wisdom and piercing insight about one of the shibboleths of contemporary medical correctness:

“Modern medicine might describe shamanic healing as a placebo effect, healing by suggestion. Suggestion can come from within, say by positive thinking, belief or expectation, or from outside, by hypnosis, advertising, or ritual and ceremony. The shaman counts placebo as a healing resource.”
Interestingly, the final chapter Turning the Wheel of Love is an exquisite representation of clearly Taoist practices of gentle partnership and mutual discovery. While never explicitly sexual, it is a guided invitation to take a physical relationship to a level of measured discovery alien to the pace and style of most contemporary life.

Overall, the book shows Mantak Chia, and his co-author, Kris Deva North, further extending one of the most promising aspects of the contemporary world. When financial adventurism, technological aggression, corporate greed and political ineptness threatens the well-being of vast populations in all cultural traditions, the growing popularity and influence of authors like these, who seek to outline a common way forward that draws on the wisdom of diverse experiences, is an area of promise and hope.
Read the full review by Reg Little with a click here


About Kris Deva North

Author, Meditation Coach, Teacher of the Taoist Arts and NLP.
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