Jade Circle in Edinburgh with Anamarta At the Healthy Life Centre – 35–37 Bread Street, Edinburgh, EH3 9AL

Every woman has the Goddess seed inside. Universe offers opportunities through our Life in order for us, as women to take it and to water that seed to flower it into a beautiful, secure and conscious woman full of love and compassion. Obviously, it’s in your hands to choose that power and to bring it into your daily Life.

We want to give you a hand to water and flower that Goddess within you. We want to show you some ancient techniques from the most famous and perfectionist lovers of ancient China like Empresses and concubines of Yellow Emperor times. We want you to learn to be a great lover respected as Goddess and at the same time to teach you the techniques for you to enjoy the most pleasurable loving sex of your Life!!!

As well, with these ancient techniques, you’ll rejuvenate into a new woman. It’ll help you to regulate your moontime cycles, to avoid menopause symptoms, to smile everyday to everything you do and overall, to yourself.


About Kris Deva North

Author, Meditation Coach, Teacher of the Taoist Arts and NLP.
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