ebook Taoist Medicine Wheel available Now!

You could be reading in minutes all about the origins, secret rites and mysteries of Taoist Shamanism from initiation to living death, uncut. See how it all began, and how the Tao, the way and the light, began to illuminate, in the lives of those early pioneers of Taost Shamanism, the art of stepping lightly in all worlds. and why the practices were so long kept secret.

How do we modern folk fit in the medicine wheel? What is the medicine wheel? How did the Dragon gain ascendancy? Who was the Great Bear and how did he split the land?

This exploration of the shamanic origins of Taoist practice strips the webs of mystery from ancient practice.  Thoroughly researched, rich in history and with detailed maps, drawings and lucid explanations, The Taoist Medicine Wheel casts new light on the I Ching, the Five Elements and the The Three Pure Ones. Check out the Chapter comparing other shamanic traditions for a real insight into the common threads of the origins of human spiritual thought!

This is the original book  with the essence, rites and mysteries for shamanic initiation and practice on which the paperback Taoist Shaman  is based.

Buy now!  A click here takes you to the catalog where you can browse through the ebooks and paperbacks.


About Kris Deva North

Author, Meditation Coach, Teacher of the Taoist Arts and NLP.
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  1. Reference says:

    I never understand why this has so much positive effect into a person life. What is the secret that meditation or Taoist Medicine has. We would normal think that natural treatments, naturist are better then antibiotics, right..well, we are aware that many cases are not so well resolved by any of this naturist medicine..and others have so much success…I am convinced that we still have much to learn when its about medicine, naturist or non – naturist, since more and more disease make a lot of victims between us.

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