Healing Tao Joins Zen Shiatsu at Mind Body Soul

Enjoy three powerful events this weekend with Kris Deva North of the Zen School of Shiatsu and Universal Healing Tao, and many others at the Mind Body Soul Experience at Olympia 2, Hammersmith Road, Kensington, London W14 8UX.

29th September QiGong for Power Fitness Mind Body Soul EXPERIENCE ZONE:11.30am-12.00pm.  Techniques tried and tested for thousands of years now work for modern men and women to become more Body-fit, Mind-fit, Spirit-fit, Energy-fit in fact Perfect-Fit for purpose as an effective human being!

30th September Wonderful Backrub Mind Body Soul STAGE: 1.30pm-2.00pm with Kris & Anamarta.  Beginners welcome, couples and singles, no experience necessary.  “I had absolutely no idea of how wonderfully young I could feel again until I felt my partner’s hands lift off my shoulders after only seventeen minutes of in-depth rubbing.  I, like you, had always thought back pain and neck ache went with the job.  With this beautiful sensual massage they just went, and we could get back on the job – stress-free, pain free, refreshed, relaxed and revitalised.  We did it again later, just for pleasure this time, and that’s all I’m saying!”

30th September Turning Stress into Vitality Mind Body Soul WORKSHOP ROOM 1: 2.45pm-3.30pm. Learn the Three F’s to transform your stress into Vitality.  Stress itself is perfectly normal.  Its how we react to Stress that gives us a headache.  But we can learn how to transform it into Energy, from the Stress up here in our head into Energy where we can make much better use of it.  You can Learn with us

* Exercises + Meditations to reduce stress immediately

* Specific Techniques to care for those vital organs…

* Taoist Practice Exercise Plan to enjoy long-term benefits

* A better Way to manage Life

Come on by the Zen School of Shiatsu & Universal Healing Tao on Stand B37.  We are giving lots of seated-shiatsu treatments, raising money for Help a Capital Child, telling people about our School, and meeting potential students!

IT COULD BE YOU! Come on by Stand B37, sit down and take the bliss.  We would love to meet you.


About Kris Deva North

Author, Meditation Coach, Teacher of the Taoist Arts and NLP.
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