Taoist Workshops in Dublin – for Men and Women – 2nd thru 4th March

Anamarta and Kris Deva North return to Dublin to share Taoist practice – how men and women can benefit from ancient wisdom for modern times. Tao literally means ‘the way’, originating from ancient China, in a tradition of over 4,000 years old, Taoist practice is the art of health and longevity, transformation and internal alchemy.

Spiritual development requires a balance of physical health and mental clarity; Taoist practice cultivates both body and mind through meditation and movement (Chi Kung and Tai Chi). Under the expert guidance of Anamarta and Kris you will learn to transform negative emotions, the stresses of daily living into positive virtues and vitality for greater mastery of your life.  Learn to access your life force (sexual energy) and use it to improve your relationships with yourself and others. Anamarta and Kris will share some secrets of the bedchamber, introducing sexual refloxology and sacred sexuality as a gateway to divine ecstasy and enlightenment. They provide a glimpse of Taoist shamanism, from where it all began, to where it all leads- in perfect harmony between heaven and earth. This is the path of self-healing and self-mastery. Choose to walk, run, fly……!

Women’s Jade Circle Workshop   &  Men’s Workshop. Youtube video…..

Please come to our Introductory Talk at Buddhabag on Thursday 28th February Oscailt Mews 8 Baggot Lane Dublin 4 7:45pm

With a natural ability to teach Anamarta qualified as a Taoist Trainer of the London Tao Centre and developed the Kuan Yin Chi Kung and Jade Egg Holistic Practice that she now shares with women around the world. “I get my inspiration in Mother Earth and Grandmother Moon, in my beloved partner Kris, in my travelling around the world and in beautiful people. My practice guides me in my evolution and to share this gratitude with others.”

Taoist Master Trainer Kris Deva North is the founder of the Mantak Chia Taoist Training Centre and Zen School of Shiatsu in London. He is co-author with Mantak Chia of A Touch of Sex/Taoist Foreplay and Taoist Shaman, author of Taoist Medicine Wheel, Finding Spirit in Zen Shiatsu, Zen Tao Tantra and Absolutely Scandalous! The Outrageous Affaires of Captain Harry West Before He Discovered Tantra.


About Kris Deva North

Author, Meditation Coach, Teacher of the Taoist Arts and NLP.
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