DYNAMIC TAI CHI Retreat and Summer Training Camp

25th thru 30th July 2014

courses classes Chi Kung qigong Qi Gong

iron shirt steel body beginners intermediate advanced

Tai Chi training camp

DYNAMIC TAI CHI instructors of Universal Healing Tao UK offer a Tai Chi training camp with Tai Chi classes for Beginners Intermediate and Advanced teaching Steel Body Tai Chi and Iron Shirt Chi Kung (qigong/qi gong).

Tai Chi Push.jpg (35993 bytes)

Tai Chi Reach.jpg (35140 bytes) Tai Chi training and Iron Shirt Chi Kung classes run from 7 am to 5 pm daily Saturday through Wednesday (to 3pm Wednesday) with breaks for meals, rest and recreation.

Optional free evening events include:
Jade Circle / Jade Arrows
Sweatlodge gathering, building, enjoying

All are welcome: all ages, all levels from absolute beginner, all Tai Chi styles for the experienced.

scroll down for directions

Demonstration, Instruction and Practice by Kris Deva North, Anamarta, and adepts of Universal Healing Tao UK in:

DYNAMIC TAI CHI, based on Mantak Chia Yang family style of 13 movements. This short, simple and easily learnable form is supported by 7 free videos and the Audio Learn Tai Chi Today

Hidden Masters style push-hands, self-defence and weapons applications are shown and taught with care, the aim being to develop lightning reflexes, with physical and mental flexibility.

Tai Chi Fan.jpg (31672 bytes)
Tai Chi Staff.jpg (41943 bytes) Accommodation: please bring your own tent for free rough-camping.*

Catering: Please bring your own food, plate, mug, spoon etc. We will organise a cooking-rota on the first evening.

Click here to book on paper or here to sign up on-line

*If you prefer not to rough-camp, there is B&B accommodation in the area (see Directions below).

Directions to the 2014 Tai Chi Retreat & Summer Training Camp in the wild country of South-West Wales

About Kris Deva North

Author, Meditation Coach, Teacher of the Taoist Arts.
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