The Questions of Men


Here’s a Digest of the Questions men have put in the Jade Arrows Group recently, and the Responses and Comments of the Group, offering helpful insights.

The Question Is…..“Mantak Chia says to stimulate and do a lot of upward draw, now I see that many taoists says that this drains the Jing. I don’t want to drain my Jing so what should I do?”

The Response: The essential practice is to recycle the energy in the Microcosmic Orbit, supported by the grounding and rooting practice of Qigong. Combining the practices should leave you more energized than drained. The most important thing is to go by how you feel, whatever practice you are doing, and adjust accordingly. Other people can only speak of their own experience but the truth is, only you can really know you!

The Next Question Is‘I’ve been doing Tantra and Tao (mostly from Mantak Chia books) techniques for the last three years… I’m already capable of sending my energy through the spine, what I do is that I separate both PC muscle and anus, I can do this even without having an erection or being excited at all, but when I do this having an erection although I can pass the energy sometimes is so strong that some of the tingling remains in the genital area making almost impossible to stop ejaculation, so I wonder if I’m doing it right.’

Response: It seems to me that there at two things going on here, or rather, not going on. One is the opening and regular circulation of the Microcosmic Orbit, supported by the grounding and rooting practice of Qigong – essential for a balanced and harmonious practice especially if doing the Big (/upward) Draw.
This leads to the other missing ingredient: our practices are designed to be holistic, so focusing on just one or two aspects could result in imbalances and distortions such as described in the Question. So many people seem to think that reading a book or even attending a couple of weekend workshops is some kind of magic key.
When someone says they have been ‘doing Tantra and Tao techniques for three years…’ I would want to know which particular Tao (from Mantak Chia books) techniques they have been doing, and whether those techniques include, for example, daily practice of Tai Chi, Qigong, Microcosmic Orbit, Inner Smile, Healing Sounds and Fusion. To me, this would be the bare minimum to achieve anything approaching the balance, harmony and satisfaction that can be obtained and enjoyed. As Master Chia has told us so many times, ‘The practices are much more likely to work if you do them!’

DG Comments:  I tried moving the sexual energy through my orbit when I first learned about it without spending time on the other practices and I experienced some discomfort, a lot of heat and energetic congestion. I also was unable to hold my milk and I would lose control over the feelings. However when I committed to practising the complete system daily for about a month I then introduced the sexual practice and it really began to work. I also spend a lot of time in nature, by the sea and in woodlands and consciously connect with the earth through the bubbling spring points, if I feel over charged a good walk with deep, smooth breathing into the hara really helps in balancing my energy. My lesson was simple, don’t run powerful energy through channels until they are prepared! I believe the system is made with the steps for a reason… To be followed.

DR Comments:  Everything should begin with relaxation. Learn to relax the mind, muscles, exercise, connect with yin and earth chi. This is my Tao.

The Question Today Is….. ‘In his book (Taoist Secrets of Love, Cultivating Male Sexual Energy) Mantak Chia talks about the Power Lock, and although I have strengthened my PC muscle, I still cannot stop ejaculation even if I press it before the point of no return (although not as much energy leaks out I think, but is this healthy for the bladder?) should we also want to reach the point where we would have orgasm and ejaculation and at that moment do the power lock just to avoid ejaculation or is it power lock just a move to prevent? Because in the book I couldn’t understand if the purpose when doing intercourse is to reach just before the point of no return and do the power lock or just to try to circulate the energy avoiding that, because I can send the energy upwards without the need of reaching that climax.’

Response: I think we have all experienced difficulties learning something new, from tying our shoelaces to controlling our ejaculation.

As today’s Question is based on the Questioner’s readings of the book ‘Taoist Secrets of Love, Cultivating Male Sexual Energy,’ my Answer refers to the texts, but I am not entirely sure if his Question refers to the ‘Power Lock’ (pp 84-91) or ‘External Locking’ (p120-127). I suspect the latter, as the questioner says ‘even if I press it’ (meaning the PC muscle.)

The difference between the two, in simple terms, is that Power Lock is an internal exercise using muscle contraction, while External Locking involves pressing with the fingers.

If he means External Locking, I would suggest revisiting p122: ‘The main use of this method is for beginning and intermediate practitioners who have not yet mastered the Big Draw.’

Power Lock is to gain control of the sexual organs (p86). ‘Once you have gained control totally in this practice, you will have full control during intercourse’, the inference being that this is a practice to be done outside intercourse, and again (p96) ‘…proper mastery is essential before you can move on to loving a woman with full command of your sexual and spiritual powers.’ (I do have a colleague who, during intercourse, just before the point of no return, leapt off and assumed the pose shown on p85. She didn’t give him a second chance!)

The purpose of these practices is to recycle the chi through the Orbit and gain the benefits and pleasure without losing the milk and by so doing gain proper mastery of sexual and spiritual power. It’s not just about seminal retention! Check out p117.

While there are valuable instructions in the Chia book, something very simple I have recommended to students comes from ‘The Hindu Art of Making Love’ translated by Richard Burton – the Victorian explorer and translator of 1001 Nights etc, not Elizabeth Taylor’s squeeze. ‘If you pass the Point of No Return, in your Mind’s Eye visualize the God Hanuman swinging from a Tree. This will stop the Flow.’ Hanuman is the curly-tailed monkey god. Try it!

DG Comments:  If I reach the point of no return without wanting to then I know that at some point over the past seconds I’ve lost control. The next time I practice I exercise a little more control and take things a little slower. I did manage to do the external lock once by pressing really hard but my milk came out the next time I peed so I didn’t really see the point in this exercise. Better to practice deep breathing, awareness and control during rather than excessive locking when it’s to late is what I find. Later on though when my practice is stronger I of course plan to be able to go all the way and retain my seed.

The Jade Arrows

The Jade Arrows is a group for men to sample the benefits of Taoist practices, to learn new techniques and exchange experiences in a relaxed, supportive and informal environment.
All men are welcome – whether you are new to the Tao or have had some experience already. You can introduce yourself to the practices, deepen and evolve your own practice, learn new secrets or simply have your questions answered.

* Exercises + Meditations to reduce stress immediately
* Specific Techniques to care for and power up those vital organs…
* Taoist Practice for long-term benefits

Next Meeting (last of 2014): Thursday 13th November 7pm to 9pm @ Kentish Town Studio, 141-145 Kentish Town Road (Side Entrance in Castle Place), Camden, London NW1 8PB. No need to book just come on by! £15

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