Taoist Healing Circle

Taoist Healing for Self and Others, with Affirmations, Colour Healing, Meditations to return the Memory of Wholeness, for the highest good of all.

pakuaThe Wheel of Healing

Modern medicine might describe shamanic healing as placebo effect, healing by suggestion. Suggestion can come from within, say by positive thinking, belief or expectation, or from outside, by hypnosis, advertising, or ritual/ceremony. The Shaman counts placebo a healing resource.

Although in modern hypnotherapy the therapist is supposed to stay out of trance better to guide the patient, Richard Bandler, co-creator of Neurolinguistic Programming, asserts the importance of entering the client’s reality with, “If it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for me.” Shaman enters trance to step lightly in all worlds, in any world, entering the reality of the patient or bringing patient into a reality of healing. Dealing with Spirit, the shaman addresses spirit as the consciousness of the patient, for it is Spirit of the patient that needs the healing rather than some external abstract.

In the application of Shamanic Healing the practitioner calls on his resources, creating power fields, summoning guides and totems. Here we introduce additional ideas drawn from the Tao of the Shaman, he who creates his own formulas for the healing of others.

The Healing Circle

In days and lands where man was defined by his place in the community it was the participation of the community in healing that emphasized the power of the community to hold the energy. Each member plays a part. Friends, relatives and colleagues gather for a regular occasion such as sweat-lodge or prayer circle, or a gathering directed by the Shaman for individual or group healing.

Always and in everything the Shaman clears the space and calls on the Spirits of Place, of the community and his own guides and totems. The following can be adapted for local custom or personal preference, a guide to inspire rather than limit.

The Shaman guides the circle into trance, first having each member look to their left-side neighbor, then to their right, and then across to the member opposite. In this way each identifies their own location in the circle so that on returning each can recognize their place. Then gather the eyes and offer the guidance, allowing for a pause between each instruction:

“Place your left hand palm up on your neighbor’s right knee, and you right hand palm down on your neighbor’s palm.
Squeeze lightly and imagine your left hand receiving and your right hand sending love around the Circle.
Squeeze and pull up the perineum and breathe in, imagining the breath coming in to your left hand and, on the out-breath, going out through your right hand around the Circle.

Run the rainbow around starting at the Sacrum and red.
Spiral up to the Door of Life and orange
T11, Solar Plexus and yellow
Heart, T5 and green
Throat, C7, blue.
Mid-eyebrow, Jade pillow, purple
Crown, violet

Above the crown to connect with Universe beyond the visible
White mountain, crystal lake
Ancient healing forest
Sun in the ocean, fire under water.

Draw down the ultraviolet light of the Universe, into the center, a shaft of light.”

Shaman guides participants to imagine themselves entering the center of the Circle to receive the healing of the Circle.
“In your mind’s eye, look around you, see the faces around you, hear their thoughts, feel the love.
Let your mind go to that part of you that needs to heal. Focus the love of the circle around you on to and into that part, above, below and within.”

After the healing the participant in the center visualizes returning to their place in the circle. The Shaman instructs the group to open their eyes, to look left and right to identify their neighbors, and across.
This practice can also be used to invite another from outside to enter the circle and receive the healing, first asking their permission for healing, and instructing them to leave at the end.

Adapted from ‘Taoist Medicine Wheel’


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Author, Meditation Coach, Teacher of the Taoist Arts and NLP.
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