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Healing Tao, Jade Circle, Healing NLP
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Healing Tao, Jade Circle, Healing NLP
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Superior Quality Drilled Jade Egg
CD Taoist Meditation
CD Taoist Tantra
DVD Tao of Tantra Dual Cultivation
DVD Tai Chi
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Microcosmic Orbit, Inner Smile, Healing Sounds, Healing Love: Solo Cultivation, Healing Love: Dual Cultivation, Forming the Pearl, Pearl of Compassion, Thrusting Channels, Heaven’s Garden, Affirmations for Mind Body Spirit, Rainbow Sleep, Tai Chi.
(Some tracks also available on Audio CD: TMC1, TMC2)
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Taoist Foreplay: Shiatsu Secrets for Love *
Taoist Medicine Wheel, Tao of the Shaman *
From Stress to Vitality NOW Secrets of Love and Life Mastery for Men and Women
Love To Die For
Zen Tao Tantra
Finding Spirit in Zen Shiatsu
Shiatsu Secrets for Hairdressers
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Paperback Books
Mantak Chia & Kris Deva North popular titles
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Healing Love Through the Tao, Cultivating Female Sexual Energy
Taoist Secrets of Love, Cultivating Male Sexual Energy
Taoist Foreplay, Love Meridians and Pressure Points *
Taoist Shaman, Practices from the Wheel of Life *
Iron Shirt Chi Kung
Bone Marrow Nei Kung
Healing Light of the Tao
Finding Spirit in Zen Shiatsu
Cosmic Healing 1
Cosmic Healing 2
Kan & Li
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Mantak Chia Interviewed The original interview with Kris Deva North in which Mantak sets out his philosophy for life and reveals his religious beliefs First published in and now reproduced by kind permission of Positive Health magazine
Mantak Chia Biography Outline information on how Mantak began teaching, and aims of the Universal Healing Tao system Nothing personal here. Interview gives more of a sense of the man behind the Mantak
Social Network Facebook fans, events, information and updates
Mantak Chia Thailand Chia’s home base and Headquarters of the Universal Healing Tao Doubles up as a luxury spa when not in use for training courses
Mantak Chia Universal Healing Tao Centers Auckland, Berlin, Boston, Christchurch Frankfurt, London, Los Angeles, New York, Sydney, Zurich,

About Kris Deva North

Author, Meditation Coach, Teacher of the Taoist Arts.
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