Treats Ahead and Buds of May

Don’t worry, the Treats are nothing to do with the General Distraction (have you noticed the more they promise the less we believe?)
Repotting our bonsai tree, now that was reality.  Never tried it before and it seemed so complex, but when you get down to it, getting the right things and following the guidelines, and thinking about Mr Miyagi, led me into a calm and resolute place where I could prune her roots with love and attention.  I remember once in Tokyo passing the time in Ueno Park, a group of office-workers in their lunch hour gathered around to watch a gardener pruning a beautiful shrub.  (I guess that was pre-smartphone.)
When the darling buds of May bloom here, there it’s cherry-blossom time, and I reflect on how we can appreciate Nature’s beauty, wherever and whoever we are.  What a piece of work is man…yes, we are Nature too.

May has some budding Treats for us:  I’m off to Manchester to share Healing Tao Foundations Step 1, while Anamarta is offering the Yin Step 1 in London.  Come on by and treat yourself – including of course Tai Chi Tuesdays, Meditation in Motion.  And Healing NLP Master-Practitioner Training.  Lots to choose from!

Our Chi Nei Tsang workshop sold out: so gratifying to be helping people learn ways of helping other people!  and well done to Suzanne Edwards passing her CNT Level 1 Assessment.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!
All the best to you
Kris – All-Course Calendar: Dates, Costs, Venues

Summertime, and the living is…Activity holiday? Beach chill-out?  Combining both: learning something new and useful, and enjoying a bit of beach-time in between? Sunrise / Sunset Qigong on the beach, and in the warmer parts of the day: the Ancient Healing Forest! A big break in the heat of the day for Siesta or SwimmingTake a click on the Qigong Teacher Training.  Our vision is to make this first Qigong Teacher Training a truly memorable experience, one you can look back on and say ‘I was there, one of the first.’ (Great for the CV, validating your teaching status, and a well-deserved pat on the back.)
But that’s not all: the venue is run by our long-time friend and Taoist student Peter L-C who, as well as joining us on the training, is very happy to arrange a spot of sightseeing. And we have made time and space for that in the programme with time off in the evening for Sightseeing around Sintra, spiritual heart of Portugal.  


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Author, Meditation Coach, Teacher of the Taoist Arts and NLP.
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