Manchester Foundations, London Jade Circle, and the Return of the Resource Pack

Something exciting to offer people doing or done any Taoist training: the Return of the Resource Pack, combinations of Mantak Chia popular paperbacks, digital downloads, CDs or DVDs, aligned with the phases of your training, or a simple bargain to satisfy your interest .  The exciting bit is that they come with Free Delivery as well as a decent discount on the list price…what are you waiting for – click!

Manchester next week, sharing the Tao at Band on the Wall, kindly arranged by Gawain Foster and Alex Boylan.  I’m looking forward to that, and to the Free Talk the evening before at Alex’s Re-Creation Studio.
Also next week Anamarta returns from dancing across the desert with the gypsies of Rajasthan, back to run the Jade Circle on Wednesday 7th.  (Plus we’ve just had a new consignment of top-quality Jade Eggs).

No worries, men, ours is on 21st!
I will post the full Summer Programme next Tuesday Newsday.  Meanwhile you can see it here.  And don’t forget Tai Chi Tuesdays.

By the way, did you know that insufficient sleep is a major cause of Stress?  Quite apart from being a result of it too.  We can cope so much better Refreshed, Relaxed and Revitalised.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!
All the best to you
Kris – All-Course Calendar: Dates, Costs, Venues

Who doesn’t think of getting away to a lovely summer place and learning something new, meeting interesting people, making new friends and coming home with a proper qualification to teach something really valuable in its ability to help manage stress – among other things!.  Well, as they say in the lottery, It Could Be You, with the wonderful  Qigong Teacher Training, and attract a whole range of potential students with Eight Pieces of Brocade, a popular and effective Qigong that works really well for all ages, plus you will have Iron Shirt to satisfy the many students already into the Mantak Chia Universal Healing Tao system, and plus+plus+plus an insight into Anamarta’s Kuan Yin Qigong.
Or are you simply keen to develop your personal practice? The time is now, the power is you!  Learning something new and useful, and enjoying a bit of beach-time in between? Sunrise / Sunset Qigong on the beach, and in the warmer parts of the day: the Ancient Healing Forest! A big break in the heat of the day for Siesta or Swimming.
But that’s not all: the venue is run by our long-time friend and Taoist student Peter L-C who, as well as joining us on the training, is very happy to arrange a spot of sightseeing. And we have made time and space for that in the programme with time off in the evening for Sightseeing around Sintra, spiritual heart of Portugal.  

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