The Tao of Friendship

To me, the Tao of Friendship is looking into someone’s eyes, shaking their hand, giving and receiving a hug, feeling their warmth, hearing their voice, seeing how they look and move and sparkle, hearing how they laugh and talk, whether old friends or new.  The Magic of Friendship, the Joy of being Human, and Alive! is the sense of loving comfort that lets me understand, at some deep level, the world is really OK.

Going on this week in the world of the Tao:  annual Jade Circle Workshop at the Weekend.

Next Week the annual Healing NLP Master-Practitioner Training starts Monday for 8 Intensive Days. Tai Chi on Tuesday with Anamarta and me, and on Thursday 21st the Jade Arrows for Men.

Over the next few months there’s a whole range of events in Taoist practice: our Tai Chi Annual Retreat and Training Camp in magical Wales, and then the Qigong Teacher Training in mystical Portugal – a Note for your Diary.  It looks like a wonderful Summer coming up!
(btw the Qigong TT still has some places at the June Earlybird price.  Even if you are teaching already it’s an absolutely fantastic opportunity to provide your students with new, fresh, and interesting variations to amplify their Qigong experience with you.  Besides, of course, getting a recognised qualification.

Click for the full Calendar of Courses, Dates, Locations and Costs

Click for our NEW CATALOG of Mantak Chia Books, Products, Digital Downloads (e-books & audios), Course Combination Savings and Special Savings on FREE DELIVERY Resource Packs

About Kris Deva North

Author, Meditation Coach, Teacher of the Taoist Arts.
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