The Tao of Excessive Moderation

New Subscriber David B asks:  As Daoism mentions spontaneity and also encourages moderation and avoiding excess, what advice could you offer people when trying to drink alcohol in a balanced way and avoiding excessive drinking?
To me, the Tao means freedom to be myself, to follow my own way, to be spontaneous, moderate, immoderate, excessive, balanced or unbalanced, to succumb to or resist temptation, to be and do as I choose in any moment.
One highly regarded writer on the Tao is/was an alcoholic, as indeed were/are many highly regarded writers on anything.  Some drink to remember, some drink to forget, all I ask to bear in mind is don’t drink when you bet.
How sober is the Drunken Monkey?
Having drunk more than my share before I quit a quarter-century ago who am I to advise anyone?  I quit when I realised I no longer had the choice: Chivas and the Dom were stealing my freedom.  Enough is enough.  That’s my Tao.  What’s yours?

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That’s it for this week
Thanks for reading
Kris – btw if you want to share your views on the Tao of Excessive Moderation, send ’em in!

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Author, Meditation Coach, Teacher of the Taoist Arts.
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