Feng Shui for Humans + Tai Chi Summer Retreat

Our community forms, our tribe expands, bound in the glue of friendship and shared interests.  I’m planning something exciting for November: a weekend (7th/8th) of combining the insights of NLP with the healing power of Taoist medicine and the secrets of shamanic practice.  I’m thinking of calling it Healing by Persuasion – do you like this title, or have suggestions?  I’d love to have you involved.

In the immediate future – the Time is Now, the Power is You – if you’ve done Step 2 you can do Step 3: Power of Fusion of the Five Elements aka Feng Shui for Humans this weekend 10th thru 13th July.  We have a lovely group and still with a place for you.  Here’s the menu:

Forming the Pa Kua, Cauldron and Pearl
Installing ‘collection points’ in the organs and recycling negative emotions into positive energy
Manifesting the totems: children and animals
Creating the Earth-Spirit Guardians, connecting with the Planets of Protection;
Forming the Energy-body
Opening the Psychic Channels: Thrusting and Belt, Great Bridge & Regulator
Permeation of the Energy-body, Cutting & Drilling
Tai Chi and more advanced Iron Shirt Chi KungAs in all other Steps, reviewing the earlier and pre-viewing the next
Introduction to Cosmic Chi Kung: Hands of Light exercises as taught in Shamanic Healing.

Hear the Power of Fusion Guided Meditations you can download with a click here, for a Beginner to taste the power of Fusion and for those who have taken Step 3, to embed the practices in the core of memory. There are four tracks:
Forming the Pearl (click here for a sample to hear how your meditation will be guided.)
Pearl of Compassion
Thrusting Channels
Heavens Garden

all in mp3 format you can download to your Itunes or Windows media player, with a click here.

Step 4 follows a few weeks later: an Introduction to Taoist Shamanism, a step deeper into the secret Universe Beyond the visible, the mountain in space, the ancient healing forest, Fire under Water, and the beginning of the Journey through the Inner Eye.

Click reply to register and I will send the sign-up info.

And just over 2 weeks now to 7th Annual Tai Chi Retreat and Summer Training Camp in the Secret Valley in South Wales July 24th thru 29th – Free camping, food to share, great training, outdoor survival skills, how to make a fire, build a sweatlodge, cook in the wilds, with time off for  river swimming, rest, relaxation and fun.  No pre-requisites, no previous experience, all welcome – and kids go free.  Here’s the info and sign-up.

2 places left on Qigong Teacher Training, 31 August to 6 September in Portugal.

See you soon – Bye now!



About Kris Deva North

Author, Meditation Coach, Teacher of the Taoist Arts and NLP.
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