Tai Chi Summer Retreat and Training Camp Joining Information

“Dolfelfed”, Llanycefn, Pembs, SA66 7QJ.

Hello and Welcome!  Here we hope is all you need to know and do for a wonderful experience at our annual Tai Chi Summer Retreat and Training Camp in the Secret Valley: like how to find us, what food to bring, camping and other accommodation options, and of course the daily programme. Have a read through and if you then have questions then just email Samara samarahawthorn@gmail.com

First of all, the Daily Program  Tai Chi and Iron Shirt Chi Kung instruction and practice is 7 am to 5 pm daily from Saturday thru’ Tuesday, and to 3pm Wednesday, with breaks for meals, rest and recreation.  Training is in a beautiful open field surrounded by trees. If it rains we use a nearby covered training area.

Please arrive on the Friday afternoon or evening in time to pitch your tent / settle in to accommodation, and join the cooking-rota.

Free Optional Extras:

Saturday evening: Jade Circle for Women, Jade Arrows for Men

Sunday evening: Gathering materials for Sweatlodge

Monday evening: Building Sweatlodge

Tuesday evening: Sweatlodge

And even with the Optional Extras there can be time to swim in the river or take trips to the beach (20-mins drive)


Camping:        please bring your own tent for free rough-camping in the meadow, along with sleeping bag, towel, torch/flashlight.

Local B&B      If you prefer not to camp, there is B&B accommodation in the area: http://www.twmpath.co.uk. You would need your own transportation to go and return daily.

On-Site Accommodation         There is limited on-site accommodation at reasonable rates. Please contact Samara direct to find out what is available.

Food and Cooking  We provide the basics of rice, potatos and fresh vegetables included in the cost of the camp.

You will need to bring your own plate, mug, knife, fork and spoon. You should also bring food for yourself additional to the basics above. Please bring a refuse bag/bin liner to take out any trash/rubbish (from food packaging etc) to keep the Secret Valley clean and serene.

We will organise a cooking-rota on the first evening. Cooking is in a covered kitchen over an open wood fire which, if you haven’t experienced this before, is a real back-to-nature treat!

Washing and Toilet Facilities  The camping meadow is by a lovely little stream and there is an on-site compost toilet (bring your own toilet paper!) The river is a few minutes walk along a nature trail.

Getting Here

By road:  Follow M4 West, then A40 west, past Carmarthen, towards Haverford West, turn right at roundabout A4/A478 (just past Narberth), taking A478 towards Cardigan.

Go thro Clunderwen, and Llandissillio. 1.5 miles the other side of Llandisssillio, take small turning to Rhydwillym and Llanycefn.

One mile later, take right turn to Rhydwillym, go down steep hill, over a bridge by a chapel and then take left turn: 1/4 mile to Llanycefn.

Look for the Tai Chi sign by an open gateway on the right, turn in and follow the track up. You can unload your tent by the gate to the meadow (signposted) at the bend in the track, but then you must please take your car back down to the gate, turn right, and drive a few hundred yards to the Tai Chi car park, also sign-posted.

By train:  Clunderwen http://www.nationalrail.co.uk/stations/cuw/details.html or

Narberth, http://www.nationalrail.co.uk/stations/nar/details.html then local taxi

 What to Bring Checklist


Sleeping Bag

Plate, mug, knife, fork and spoon

Food for yourself additional to the basics

Refuse bag/bin liner

Toilet paper

Washbag & Towel

Swimming things

Loose comfortable clothing for Tai Chi

Change of clothing

Torch (Flashlight)



About Kris Deva North

Author, Meditation Coach, Teacher of the Taoist Arts and NLP.
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