The Tao of Creative Vision

What 3 obstacles stand between Creative Visionaries and Fulfilling their Dream?

If You have a Dream, even if you just Daydream, you are like me a Creative Visionary. And if you want to make any change at all, from Finding Love to Improving your Relationship, from Building a Business to Changing Career, to Taking more Exercise or even just Tidying your Room, you may have met…


We Can Deal With Them! utilising a powerful blend of two of the most effective Ways developed by Human Creativity: NLP rewires the thought pathways and neuro-habits of the brain to support new outcomes of happiness and success, while Taoist Meditation has worked for 4000+ years to increase the quality, quantity, clarity and focus of our Life Force (Qi,or Chi) infusing the neurological pathways of behavioural change.

It worked for me. You will know when you hear my story. It can work for you!

Join me KRIS DEVA NORTH Taoist Teacher, Mantak Chia co-Author, Society of NLP Licensed Trainer, and my son: Guest Speaker ALEX REECE professional actor, NLP Practitioner & Taoist Adept.
Come by, Saturday & Sunday 7th & 8th November 2015 10.30am to 5pm
Kentish Town Studio 141-145 Kentish Town Road Camden NW1 8PB
£77 in advance or £97 on the door for both days: all 4 seminars.
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YOU WILL LEARN How to Create the Vision to Achieve What You Want, from Relationships or Healing to Business or Sport, integrating deep Taoist Meditation with NLP TimeLine Techniques, the latest Insights of Neuroscience into How Your Brain Really Works, and How You Can Make it Happen!

Combining the Clarity of Dragon with the Scrutiny of Rat to see, Picture, Imagine Your Purpose: the Sights, Sounds, Feelings, ferreting out hidden obstacles, Negotiating real-time problems, even utilising negative input to Become Stronger than Ox, Quicker than Snake, Braver than Tiger, Cleverer than Monkey, and Boost Your Power to achieve the Best Outcome at Home, Work, or Play.


About Kris Deva North

Author, Meditation Coach, Teacher of the Taoist Arts and NLP.
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