Finding Ecstasy!

It was such a real pleasure to meet so many like-minded souls at our Talk at the Buddhabag in Dublin yesterday evening, and such a surprise to find so many from so many different countries, from Brazil to Poland via Portugal, Dominica, Italy, USA.

We mulled the difference between ecstasy and bliss, and found us mostly in accord with the concept of bliss as the ocean, ecstasy as the wave.

The one idea we wanted to leave in the mind of each was that in order to find ecstasy each needs to know what he or she is looking for!  We found each has their own idea, from ‘infinite pleasure indefinitely sustained’, to the fulfilment of helping others, to ‘union with the divine’.   So we enjoyed a short meditation for each person to think about what ecstasy means to them.

At the end of the evening we revisited that moment, for each to see, on the screen of their mind, their own moment of ecstasy.  Then, using a traditional NLP tecnhique, we doubled the size of that vision, brightened the colours, turned up the volume, magnified the scent, and intensified the taste, the taste of that moment of ecstasy, in its full, complete, and individual meaning for each of those like-minded souls.

Finally, placing our hands on our hearts, we closed our evening with the Taoist meditation of the Inner Smile, and from the transcendental beauty on each of those faces in the circle, we saw each had found their own moment, of Ecstasy!

We are so much looking forward to more, this evening and this weekend, in the magical mystery of this city of Dublin.


With special thanks to the hosts of the Buddhabag Talks, and to our special organiser Máire.



About Kris Deva North

Author, Meditation Coach, Teacher of the Taoist Arts.
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