When It’s Time For Tea

I want to share with you my Chi Nei Tsang story of a 74-year-old who had suffered from arthritis since in her early 50s.

Her left hip had been replaced at age 69.
Other conditions for which she was receiving medication: heart, liver and stomach problems, insomnia, high blood pressure.
Her spirits were low and she looked upon herself as a martyr. She described herself as holding on to and supressing anger or expressing it sharply and then feeling regretful.

Mrs D had been bedridden for 2 weeks prior to treatment and walking with the aid of sticks for 6 months before that.

CNT diagnosis: Liver felt hot and sticky, Heart hot and dry, Kidney empty; “cauliflower” feeling to abdomen.

Treatment: opening the wind-gates, baking winds, skin detoxification. She was sensitive to pain and felt unable to take any deep pressure on the organs. Blood flushing was contra-indicated because of High Blood Pressure. She participated in Healing Sounds.

Effect: She slept for two hours following treatment. When she awoke, she got out of bed, walked through her house not thinking to use the sticks, made tea and carried the tray through to my Dad watching cricket on the TV.

Recommendations and follow-up: Daily self-massage, Inner Smile and Healing Sounds. She followed the recommendations and had two pain-free years during which she received CNT once every three or four months, had a second hip-replacement at age 77 and was able to walk without sticks until shortly before her death of kidney failure aged 80.

In the Intensive Care Unit she overheard a nurse saying to another ‘I’m going to fight for the life of this brave old lady.’   My mum looked at her and said, ‘Please don’t.  It’s my time to go.’

I was privileged to be in time to share with her the Taoist Preparation Death from the CNT book, releasing the knots in the hara that let the soul fly free.

Chi Nei Tsang.

About Kris Deva North

Author, Meditation Coach, Teacher of the Taoist Arts.
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