Chi Nei Tsang Bringing Back the Music

My last case study before my teaching this weekend is the story of Mr T: aged 28, a professional guitarist.  Practising up to 10 hours daily resulted in Repetitive Strain Injury, until tension and pain in the left forearm prevented him moving his left fingers. Since then was unemployed. He described himself as a worrier.

He had undergone physiotherapy, massage and shiatsu with various practitioners and described the treatments as affording temporary relief, but then using his left hand again would make the condition recur. He had received conflicting recommendations from different therapists. His GP recommended surgery. Some of his fellow-guitarists had gone this route.

CNT diagnosis: Liver felt tight, Heart cool, Spleen painful; solid mass around navel.

Treatment: initial approach to disperse the mass from the abdominal centre provoked resistance. Working inwards from the periphery was more effective until he was able to move the fingers freely but still felt pain and tension in the forearm along the route of the Pericardium meridian. This was eventually dissolved with visualisation of steaming the embryonic meridians followed by PC meridian.

Effect: Over a series of treatments, once a fortnight for six months, he came to two realisations: that when he thought of playing the guitar his abdomen would tense up; and that when he had practised before he had never been satisfied with his work. He was able to use his left arm and hand but was fearful of the condition recurring.

Recommendations and follow-up: Daily self-massage and meditation, regular stretching exercises for the inner arm, but mainly to be careful to stop practising as soon as he felt tension beginning. He eventually went for surgery because, he said, he did not feel he could play professionally again unless he could practise as much as he was before.

Bringing back your music with Chi Nei Tsang: now just ONE place remaining: It Could Be You!

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Author, Meditation Coach, Teacher of the Taoist Arts.
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