CNT Syllabus




This syllabus covers what you will learn and practise in the three Chi Nei Tsang Training Weekends and the additional Requirements to qualify as a Chi Nei Tsang Level 1 Practitioner


Your First CNT Training weekend starts you off with the basics: theory and practice of Internal Organs Energy massage:

Asking & Looking Diagnoses, Consultation & Contra-Indications

The Navel Centre & Hara Diagnosis

Opening Wind Gates & Chasing Winds

Detoxing Skin, Large & Small Intestines

Visiting the Organs & Principles of Five-Element Analysis

Cardiovascular Centering, Balancing & Flushing

Lymphatic Detox Method

Completing Case-Study format

Instructions for Client Participation & Self-Healing Techniques

CNT Documentation & Training Plan

You attend your Second Training Weekend when you have completed at least 50% of the Learning Treatments and CNT Practitioner Treatments at PARTS (3) & (4)

General Hand Techniques

Specific Detox Techniques

CNT for Common Ailments

Use of Five-Element Analysis for specific Organs

Use of Acupressure/Shiatsu Techniques for Acupoints

Review and Feedback on Learning & Practitioner Treatments

Briefing on Assessment Questionnaire and CNT Practitioner Application

Your Third Training Weekend comes when you have completed PARTS (2), (3), & (4) below.  Assessment is included in this third CNT Training Weekend provided you have completed the above requirements, and handed in your completed Assessment Questionnaire and Learning-Treatment Notes.


PART (3): own-time 100 Learning-Treatments (50 for Shiatsu Practitioners), presented as 7 to 10 case-studies on different people of varying age, gender and condition;

PART (4): 8 treatments spaced throughout your training from CNT (click to find them) practitioners.


Handing in completed documentation: Assessment Questionnaire and CNT Practitioner Application, Case Study Notes on Learning Treatments and CNT Practitioner Treatments

Assessment of:

a: your knowledge of Chi Nei Tsang as in the book Chi Nei Tsang 1

b: your ability to deliver Chi Nei Tsang as a treatment demonstrating any CNT techniques in the book Chi Nei Tsang 1

For the Assessment you will give an observed treatment explaining what you are doing and why, and answering any questions put by the Assessor.

Treatments from CNT Practitioners, to be negotiated with the Practitioner.  For list click here

Certification  On satisfactory completion of the Assessment you are listed on the London Tao Centre Practitioner Register with the initials CNT1 following your name.  Your hours and treatments count as credit should you decide to undergo further CNT training.

Registration, To register for the next CNT1 Training click here.

The CNT1 Year-long Practitioner Training Program

“This is a deep, powerful and effective therapy: our year-long training ensures you receive good, thorough instruction and proper grounding. Nothing is skimped, everything is rigorously tested. When you qualify, you will be, deservedly, fit to practice. You will be proud to have done it properly, and I will be proud to have trained you.” Kris Deva North, Senior Teacher since 1994 and Founder of the London Chi Nei Tsang Institute.


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