Highlight Tai Chi Teacher Training

I have to say that this 2016 Teacher Training was a highlight in my teaching career which, so far, has spanned 55 years, the past 25 being Teaching the Tao.  And this highlight was brightened even more by a number of factors, first being the co-facilitation with my beloved partner, muse and inspiration, Anamarta of the Jade Circle.  It became ever clearer why the Taoist tradition of the Double-Master is so effective.

When we have settled back in our London nest in mid-September I shall post videos and pictures of this wonderful retreat including video-feedback from students and candidates.  Between now and then we have the amazing Boom Festival but more of that later.  Meanwhile, regardless of the teaching, the venue was outstanding: an ancient manor house still in the hands of the family who built it 300 years ago, and run to at least Downton Abey standard!  We even had our needs seen to by a Portuguese version of Mrs Hughes!

As for the food, well, mouth-wateringly delicious, five stars and three michelins would be an understatement.  Vegetarian cuisine with a lovely Portuguese flavour, prepared with love by…Isobel and Ze, in real life Anamarta’s mum and auntie.  Goodness me,  each meal was worth the trip!!  And the best news: they are coming back next year for the Qigong Teacher Training.

We were honoured to have the wonderful Sue Hix as guest teacher, sharing with us the mystical Tai Chi Double-Fan form she described – and then demonstrated – as combining the seductive grace of dance with the deadly intent of martial arts: feel the shivers up the spine!  Some of you have already posted beguiling images on Facebook and yes, as promised, I’m going to share the video – soon!

We also had a surprise visit from my friend and teacher Mr Tchi, who many years ago introduced me to the Flexibility and Balance exercises that add to the unique feel of our Tai Chi, and who took me to Penang to train with the amazing Master Lim, direct student of Professor Cheng Man-ch’ing.  Mr Tchi travelled from Morocco to share two enjoyable training sessions with us, and to remind me that I can still fly!!!

None of this would have worked without the presence and glorious participation of our students and candidates, an amazing group ranging from martial artists to healers, grandmothers to teenagers.  And the wonderful thing for  me was that some had trained with us for years and done many of our courses, while others had never even met us before committing themselves to this week of intensive immersion in Tai Chi.

So, congratulations on winning their Level 2 (Intermediate) Instructor Certificate to Diana Baynes, Cecile Chich, and Liz Kendall.  And on winning their Level 1 (Junior) Certificate to: Ben Adams, Simon Bowden, Mark Brockwell, Alex Cavey, Donna Houston, Cleuta Medeiros, Lisa Vilela, Jenny Wright;  and congratulation to those others who participated so wholeheartedly in what was for them an altogether new experience.  The future belongs to you!

Tai Chi with Kris and Anamarta

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The Tao of Fire, Earth and Metal

As the seasons change we move from Fire to Earth, from High Summer to Harvest Time, and later to the Falling Leaves of Autumn.

Here comes August, with our Tai Chi Teacher Training in Portugal, now fully booked.  We are looking forward to meeting new people and making new friends, and to bringing you a report of new graduates and upgraded instructors.  It is an honour and a privilege to be facilitating this event!

Just a few days later, off to the Boom – the biggest international festival of its kind in the world. We are proud to be invited back as lead facilitators to start off this huge event on the morning of 12th August with Dragon Tai Chi from the East where things begin, followed on 14th by Tiger Tai Chi from the West, and on 16th by Eagle Tai Chi Meditation Facing Father Sky, all two-hour workshops celebrating the Shamanic theme of this year’s festival.

And then, on the evening of 13th August – 10.30 to 00.30pm @ Group Practice, TAOIST SHAMANIC TANTRA!
In the Taoist tradition of the Double-Master, Anamarta and Kris reveal secrets of the
Wheel’s application to Taoist Shamanic Tantra, accessing the Divine through Tantra, accessing the Divine through Sexual Ecstasy. Taoist Holistic Practice engages the mind, body and spirit to reflect the harmony of our inner universe in the outer world. As each person takes their place in the Medicine Wheel, the Double-Master leads through meditation, sexual and shamanic practice to project the most powerful energy of creation to attain goals, realise dreams and come by the short path to enlightenment.

We are also presenting HAWAIIAN SHAMANIC HEALING 14th August – 11 to 12.30am @ Puja, learning the way to heal ourselves, through love. The shamanic tradtion of Hawaii is Huna, the practitioners Kahuna, Mediators with Spirit. When healing is needed, the body-healer is called to give massage or herbs. If the sickness prevails, the Kahuna finds out from Spirit what healing the soul needs for the body to be whole again. Everything is a gift and a blessing, for everything is Love, and gratitude and thanks must be given even for hurt and pain. Then harmony can be restored between soul and body.

Each child is born of the Rainbow and there at death returns. We are born perfect and gifted by the gods with a calabash of light to illuminate our way. In our passage through this life we dodge or embrace the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, we give love, joy and kindness. Each sadness, hurt or wound given or received adds a pebble to the calabash, obscuring the light. Each joy removes a pebble, increasing our radiance. When our time comes to step back upon the Rainbow, the more light radiating from our calabash the sooner we can find our way home.
Anamarta and Kris each trained with their own Kahuna and now pass on the secrets of Huna healing, transmitted through the generations on the Island of Oahu.

All About the Boom!

And just a few days later we leap the lands and oceans to Thailand, for the four-yearly gathering with #MantakChia in the Tao Garden, followed by a well-deserved beach break in September before hurrying back to London for….

13th September thru 25th October 7-STEP TAI CHI Meditation in Motion: 7 Tuesdays, 13 Movements, 9 Directions, 5 Elements, 3 Treasures, Yin and Yang, with Kris and Anamarta. All Welcome Kentish Town Studio, 141-145 Kentish Town Road (Side Entrance in Castle Place), Camden, London NW1 8PB

15th September Jade Circle with Anamarta. All Women Welcome! Kentish Town Studio, 141-145 Kentish Town Road (Side Entrance in Castle Place), Camden, London NW1 8PB

16th thru 19th September TAOIST Higher PracticesStep 4: KAN & LI and Introduction to TAOIST SHAMANISM with Kris and Anamarta. Pre-requisite Steps 1, 2, 3 Kentish Town Studio, 141-145 Kentish Town Road (Side Entrance in Castle Place), Camden, London NW1 8PB

22nd September CHI NEI TSANG Free Talk and Demo with Kris. All Welcome Kentish Town Studio, 141-145 Kentish Town Road (Side Entrance in Castle Place), Camden, London NW1 8PB

23rd September Jade Circle with Anamarta. All Women Welcome! Kentish Town Studio, 141-145 Kentish Town Road (Side Entrance in Castle Place), Camden, London NW1 8PB

24th thru 26th September Advance Jade Circle Workshop with Anamarta. Kentish Town Studio, 141-145 Kentish Town Road (Side Entrance in Castle Place), Camden, London NW1 8PB

30th September + 1st & 2nd October Special Yin Step 1 Foundations for Women EDINBURGH with Anamarta. All Women Welcome Healthy Life Centre 35 – 37 Bread St. EH3 9AL

1st & 2nd October Foundations for Men EDINBURGH with Kris. All Men Welcome Healthy Life Centre 35 – 37 Bread St. EH3 9AL

6th October HEALING NLP Talk and Demo: Trance to Change – Unwanted Patterns of Behaviour with Kris. All Welcome Kentish Town Studio, 141-145 Kentish Town Road (Side Entrance in Castle Place), Camden, London NW1 8PB

8th & 9th October CHI NEI TSANG Training Weekend with Kris. All Welcome Kentish Town Studio, 141-145 Kentish Town Road (Side Entrance in Castle Place), Camden, London NW1 8PB

15th and 16th October HEALING NLP Certified Practitioner Training: 1st of 4 weekends with Kris. Savings available! All Welcome Kentish Town Studio, 141-145 Kentish Town Road (Side Entrance in Castle Place), Camden, London NW1 8PB

See you then!

Bye now – enjoy the Seasons!

Kris and Anamarta


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A Big Week in the Tao


TUESDAY 14th June 7.45 to 9.15pm
Our new 7-Step Tai Chi begins this Tuesday, 14th June, again at Carlton Primary School where we will be for the next three sessions, and then back home to Kentish Town Studio in July.

For those who have completed the current cycle we will be splitting into two streams, basic for newcomers, and intermediate.  Intermediates will cover new ground, including Tai Chi Warmup, Tai Chi Steps and Tai Chi Walk – learn the difference – more applications and more advanced self-defence moves, as well as refining and developing structure and flow in the form.  Something to look forward to, and you can sign up now!
And for those with the blue cards, remember they are valid right up to the last session of 2016, so don’t delay, use Tuesday!


THURSDAY 16TH June 7.30 to 9pm

Ready for Foundations Step 1 at the weekend

* Exercises + Meditations to reduce stress immediately
* Specific Techniques to care for and power up those vital organs…
* Taoist Practice for long-term benefits

No need to book just come on by! £15
7.30 pm to 9 pm @ Studio 3 @ Clean Break, 2 Patshull Rd (off Kentish Town Road) NW5 2LB.

Dragonseed! Jade, the congealed semen of the mythical beast that knows the seasons and hurls summer lightning, that lives in the East where things begin: the colour is green and the season Spring, the time of fertility and rising sap. The Jade Stalk is the euphemism for the male organ, the Jade Gate for the female. We are the Jade Arrows, our Yin counterparts the Jade Circle.


SATURDAY & SUNDAY 18th & 19th June 1030am to 5pm
A practical and experiential two days Workshop learning the Basics of Mantak Chia’s Universal Healing Tao, with Kris Deva North, Mantak Chi co-author and founder of Universal Healing Tao UK, and Anamarta, creatrix of Jade Circle® Anamarta: Tao of Feminine Empowerment.

Wisdom + Action: Visualisation, Dynamic meditation, Power Qigong = Stress management, Grounding, Flexibility

MORE ENERGY, LESS STRESS. The first Step of Taoist Practice, into the first Inner World of a Taoist Shaman, turning stress into vitality with Iron Shirt Chi Kung power-breathing, Inner Smile, Microcosmic Orbit, Six Healing Sounds, and much more.

Learn More, Sign Up



25th & 26th June HEALING TAO FOUNDATIONS Step 2 Greater Alchemy of Yin and Yang with Kris & Anamarta. Step 1 is pre-requisite Carlton Primary School 196 Grafton Road NW5 4AX

Full programdates, times, locations, costs with a click!

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Taoist Summer, Taoist Love


The sap of Springtime rises into the Love of Summer.  The direction is South, the element is Fire, the Guardian the Firebird.  When May is out and clouts are cast, take a lease on summer’s season and Smile at your Heart and think of someone you love, real or imaginary, memory or fantasy.  See the fire in their eyes, the light in their face and Smile.  See the picture on the screen of your mind, hear the sounds of love, notice where that feeling is in your body and send it into orbit, a microcosmic orbit, sending your smile soaring through the worlds and coming back to smile at you.  Yes you can – smile at you through the windows of your mind into the magical image imagined.

If you fancy a peek into another world, the realm of the modern shaman, same-same but different and certainly both instructive and entertaining come on by 2nd June Healing NLP FAST PHOBIA CURE Demonstration and Practice, with Kris. All Welcome, No Pre-requisites 7.30 to 9.30pm  @ Studio 3 @ Clean Break, 2 Patshull Rd (off Kentish Town Road) NW5 2LB

8th June Taoist Tantra Taoist Love FREE TALK with Kris and Anamarta. All Welcome, No Pre-requisites Carlton Primary School 196 Grafton Road NW5 4AX

14th June – 26th July 7-Step TAI CHI 7 Tuesdays, 13 Movements, 9 Directions, 5 Elements, 3 Treasures, Yin and Yang! Moving Meditations for Fitness + Flexibility, Build Confidence, Recapture Lost Energy, Turn Stress Into Vitality, Inner Strength for Inner Peace! with Kris Deva North, Senior Instructor, Tai Chi Union for Great Britain, and Anamarta, Advanced Instructor TCUGB and Creator of Kuan Yin Qigong. TUESDAY EVENINGS, ALL WELCOME. £72 for the course or £15 to pay-as-you-go. Carlton Primary School 196 Grafton Road NW5 4AX

16th June JADE ARROWS Taoist Practice for Men with Kris. All Men Welcome, No Pre-requisites @ Studio 3 @ Clean Break, 2 Patshull Rd (off Kentish Town Road) NW5 2LB

18th & 19th June HEALING TAO FOUNDATIONS Step 1 Turning Stress into Vitality with Kris & Anamarta. All Welcome, No Pre-requisites Carlton Primary School 196 Grafton Road NW5 4AX

25th & 26th June HEALING TAO FOUNDATIONS Step 2 Greater Alchemy of Yin and Yang with Kris & Anamarta. Step 1 is pre-requisite Carlton Primary School 196 Grafton Road NW5 4AX

8th thru 11th July HEALING TAO FOUNDATIONS Step 3: FUSION of the 5 ELEMENTS, Supreme Alchemy of Yin and Yang with Kris Deva North & Anamarta.  Steps 1 & 2 are pre-requisite. @ Kentish Town Studio 141-145 Kentish Town Road (Side Entrance), Camden, London NW1 8PB

30th July thru 6th August TAI CHI TEACHER TRAINING RETREAT with Kris, Anamarta, and Sue Hix.
Residential places for our 2016 Teacher Training are now fully booked. A limited number of Non-residential places are available – First Come First Served!  So if you want a wonderful week in a wonderful country deepening your wonderful practice (“If you want to really learn something, go teach!”) check out flights to Porto, car hire, and accommodation around Ponte de Lima.
Your first event as a Non-Residential Candidate will be Dinner at the Venue, 7pm Saturday 30th July followed at 8pm by a briefing on the program. Your last event will be 7am Saturday 6th August. The Course closes at 9am Saturday 6th August.

11th thru 18th August Kris and Anamarta present workshops in Tai Chi, Hawaiian Shamanism, and Taoist Tantra at the BOOM FESTIVAL, the biggest of its kind in the world!

Here’s the whole calendar, and here’s the Jade Circle® .

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Taoist Tantra Taoist Love


Who says you can’t get to heaven having a good time? Don’t answer – you probably know them already, they who pollute the practice of pleasure with demons of Shame, Guilt, and Fear.
Looking at the world, not as a vale of tears, sorrow or suffering but of subjective and objective beauty, a world of reality neither evil nor illusion, seeing all experiences as intrinsically pure and innately perfect, barring nothing except harming another, opens the windows to spiritual independence, creating opportunities for grasping the moment, taking the “short path” to enlightenment, the Tao of Healing Love.

Learn more with Anamarta, Creatrix of the Jade Egg Holistic Practice and Kuan Yin Qigong, and Kris Deva North, Author of Taoist Tantra, and Founder of Mantak Chia Taoist Training London.

FREE TALK with Kris and Anamarta Wednesday 8th June 7.30 to 9 pm @ Carlton Primary School 196 Grafton Road NW5 4AX.

Contact websites:



Taoist Tantra

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The Tao of Beltane


Way back when we celebrated Beltane, dancing the Maypole, Jumping the Fires…should we revive the ancient festival as part of our Taoist Calendar?  What do you think? A bit of pagan fun to celebrate Spring tiptoeing into Summer?  Let me know if you’d like to be part of it.  Meanwhile this May is full of Taoist fun, from a trip to beautiful Ireland for Foundations Step 2 on 7th and 8th, Manchester for Foundations Step 1 on 14th and 15th, a whole bouquet of Jade Circle Events, and culminating with our sister organization Healing NLP Masters Training from 23rd to 30th.

And even before the darling buds bloom, this Tuesday 26th April sees the start of our new 7-Step Tai Chi series of courses, running over 7 Tuesdays. Each Tuesday session will have some things the same and others different.
Each session will include
Warm-up Qigong, with Spinal Cord Breathing, stretching and grounding exercises such as Waving Hands in Clouds, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon;
Chi Self-Massage;
Eight Pieces of Brocade Qigong as Moving Meditation.

Unique to each session will be
Progression through one of the 7-Steps: Demonstration, Explanation of Origins and Practice of Martial Applications, with individual help and correction;
Iron Shirt Power Breathing;
Progression through the Flexibility and Balance Exercises.

Group Practice of the Tai Chi Form as Moving Meditation.

You may have heard that our usual venue at Kentish Town Studio is temporarily out of commission being refurbished after fire damage, so, this Tuesday 26th April for sure, the following Tuesday 3rd May probably, and possibly even 10th May, we will gather for our Tai Chi at Carlton Primary School, Grafton Road NW5, ten minutes walk from Kentish Town Road.

The 7-Step Tai Chi Course cost will be £72, valid for the specific course dates.
So the first course runs 26th April thru 7th June.
The second course runs 14th June thru 26th July.
Etc.  Dates will be published on the Healing Tao calendar.
For those who hold the Blue Cards (10 classes for £90), you can continue to use these up to the end of this year. Please email me if you have questions regarding the changes.  I will be happy to answer them.

And I just want to remind those who have not yet signed up for our Tai Chi Teacher Training this year, the earlybird flies away at the end of this month of April, and as of today we have just FOUR places remaining.  Take a look here.  And just to tempt you a bit more, a Tai Chi Fan-Master has joined our teaching team!

Check out our full program here, and the Jade Circle with a click here.

Let’s be Nuts in May!

Looking forward to see you
Bye for now

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Tai Chi Fan Master Joins Teaching Team


Our long-time friend amd colleague, the Tai Chi Fan-Master Sue Hix is joining our 2016 Tai Chi Teaching Team to add what she describes as a blend of seductive grace like dance, and the deadly intent of martial arts: the Double-Fan form!  I first saw this performed in the mountains of Colorado in 1992 and it completely captivated me so I jumped at the chance to include this beautiful practice in our retreat this year.

Sue began Tai Chi yang style long form in the early 90’s as a local evening class.  Youth and ambition moved the spirit to study further afield with Chris Pei who visited Nottingham in the mid 1990’s, from USA.  Chris was an inspiring teacher having been an Olympic gymnast prior to his wushu arts and led studies in yang style hand, sword and sabre forms.

In the late 90’s Sue’s journey turned to Qi Gong, learning Wild Goose Qi Gong with Michael Tse and this influenced some aspects of Tai Chi, alongside training in Taoist arts with Mantak Chia and Kris Deva North.

In the early 00’s Sue found another local in Peterborough who could offer tuition in a yang style Fan form.   In 2014 news came that the same local had mastered a double fan form and so the journey continued using two fans.

We have just 5 places left on this year’s training, now with a rare opportunity to learn a rare and compelling form: Tai Chi Fan!.  It could be you!

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The Tao of Spring


Taoists consider Tai Chi as one of the highest forms of Moving Meditation, harmonising Yang and Yin, and Qigong as Standing Meditation, for grounding and rooting. Together they combine fitness, flexibility, and effective ways to manage stress while at the same time giving a fantastic energy boost!  What better to step into Springtime?  Spring into Step with…

…7-STEP TAI CHI Starting 26th April
7 Tuesdays, 13 Movements, 9 Directions, 5 Elements, 3 Treasures, Yin and Yang!
Moving Meditations for Fitness + Flexibility, Build Confidence, Recapture Lost Energy, Turn Stress Into Vitality, Inner Strength for Inner Peace!  With Kris Deva North and Anamarta, Senior and Advanced Instructors Tai Chi Union for Great Britain.
Look Here

Everybody knows Tai Chi is good for you. And when Harvard Medical School, Reuters, and even the Wall Street Journal start talking about the benefits of Tai Chi and Qigong, then isn’t it time to sit up and take notice? Or, better, stand up and get going!  Now it’s even included in training for the US Marines!
Enjoy the Benefits of
* Muscle Strength, Flexibility, Balance, Aerobic Conditioning (Harvard)
* Increased mineral bone density, boosted endurance, strengthened lower body, eased depression. (Reuters)
* Boost both in alpha brain waves, suggesting relaxation, and beta waves, indicating strong focus. It has the dual benefit of relaxing you, but also sharpening your mind. ( Wall Street Journal)

All Welcome: Men, Women, Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced.
7.45 to 9.15pm @ Kentish Town Studio, 141-145 Kentish Town Road (Side Entrance), Camden, London NW1 8PB
£72 per 7-week Course, or £15 pay-as-you-go.
No Pre-requisites. Beginners and more experienced welcome.

And talking about Tai Chi, remember the Tai Chi Teacher Training in August – the earlybird flies away on 1st May!  There are no specific pre-requisites for Instructor Training besides an interest in Tai Chi. No experience is necessary as whatever your standard of Tai Chi, Level 1 Training will show you how to improve it, whether or not you decide to become an Instructor.  Catch the EarlyBird!

Thanks for reading – see you soon
Bye for now


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Chi Nei Tsang Bringing Back the Music

My last case study before my teaching this weekend is the story of Mr T: aged 28, a professional guitarist.  Practising up to 10 hours daily resulted in Repetitive Strain Injury, until tension and pain in the left forearm prevented him moving his left fingers. Since then was unemployed. He described himself as a worrier.

He had undergone physiotherapy, massage and shiatsu with various practitioners and described the treatments as affording temporary relief, but then using his left hand again would make the condition recur. He had received conflicting recommendations from different therapists. His GP recommended surgery. Some of his fellow-guitarists had gone this route.

CNT diagnosis: Liver felt tight, Heart cool, Spleen painful; solid mass around navel.

Treatment: initial approach to disperse the mass from the abdominal centre provoked resistance. Working inwards from the periphery was more effective until he was able to move the fingers freely but still felt pain and tension in the forearm along the route of the Pericardium meridian. This was eventually dissolved with visualisation of steaming the embryonic meridians followed by PC meridian.

Effect: Over a series of treatments, once a fortnight for six months, he came to two realisations: that when he thought of playing the guitar his abdomen would tense up; and that when he had practised before he had never been satisfied with his work. He was able to use his left arm and hand but was fearful of the condition recurring.

Recommendations and follow-up: Daily self-massage and meditation, regular stretching exercises for the inner arm, but mainly to be careful to stop practising as soon as he felt tension beginning. He eventually went for surgery because, he said, he did not feel he could play professionally again unless he could practise as much as he was before.

Bringing back your music with Chi Nei Tsang: now just ONE place remaining: It Could Be You!

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When It’s Time For Tea

I want to share with you my Chi Nei Tsang story of a 74-year-old who had suffered from arthritis since in her early 50s.

Her left hip had been replaced at age 69.
Other conditions for which she was receiving medication: heart, liver and stomach problems, insomnia, high blood pressure.
Her spirits were low and she looked upon herself as a martyr. She described herself as holding on to and supressing anger or expressing it sharply and then feeling regretful.

Mrs D had been bedridden for 2 weeks prior to treatment and walking with the aid of sticks for 6 months before that.

CNT diagnosis: Liver felt hot and sticky, Heart hot and dry, Kidney empty; “cauliflower” feeling to abdomen.

Treatment: opening the wind-gates, baking winds, skin detoxification. She was sensitive to pain and felt unable to take any deep pressure on the organs. Blood flushing was contra-indicated because of High Blood Pressure. She participated in Healing Sounds.

Effect: She slept for two hours following treatment. When she awoke, she got out of bed, walked through her house not thinking to use the sticks, made tea and carried the tray through to my Dad watching cricket on the TV.

Recommendations and follow-up: Daily self-massage, Inner Smile and Healing Sounds. She followed the recommendations and had two pain-free years during which she received CNT once every three or four months, had a second hip-replacement at age 77 and was able to walk without sticks until shortly before her death of kidney failure aged 80.

In the Intensive Care Unit she overheard a nurse saying to another ‘I’m going to fight for the life of this brave old lady.’   My mum looked at her and said, ‘Please don’t.  It’s my time to go.’

I was privileged to be in time to share with her the Taoist Preparation Death from the CNT book, releasing the knots in the hara that let the soul fly free.

Chi Nei Tsang.

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