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The Tao of Inner Alchemy

High Five for the Cosmic Qigong Videos! Inspired as I was by MC’s workshop, the first time he’s taught this for 5 years or so. I suggested it last year and was very happy to see record attendance, so well … Continue reading

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Mantak Chia Teaches Cosmic Healing

Cosmic Healing Taoists believe in the underlying unity that permeates the Universe. Cosmic Healing is a Chi Kung meditation that strengthens and opens us up to the forces and Energy within Nature and the Universe. We are dynamically connected to … Continue reading

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Feng Shui for Humans + Tai Chi Summer Retreat

Our community forms, our tribe expands, bound in the glue of friendship and shared interests.  I’m planning something exciting for November: a weekend (7th/8th) of combining the insights of NLP with the healing power of Taoist medicine and the secrets … Continue reading

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