Training Steps

STEPS TO THE TAO (click for combination savings)

Step 1 Healing Tao Foundations  Stress management, Grounding, Flexibility: Inner Smile, Healing Sounds, Introduction to and Preparation for Microsmic Orbit,  Beginner Chi-kung (qigong), Taoist breathing, Tai Chi.  No pre-requisites. Dates

Step 2 Healing Tao Foundations Healing Love Motivation, confidence; energy: Completion Microcosmic Orbit, Intermediate breath-practice, Upward Draw, Big Draw.  Step 1 is pre-requisite.  Dates

Step 3 Healing Tao Foundations Fusion Detoxing past, neutralising fear, managing emotions, habits, strengthen energy field, enhance grounding! Pa Kua, Forming the Pearl; Opening Inner Channels; Energy, Soul and Spirit Bodies.  Steps 1, 2, are pre-requisite.  Dates

* Tai Chi Summer Retreat & Training Camp  There are no pre-requisites for this module. It is pre-requisite for Step 5.  Dates

Step 4 Introduction to Taoist Shamanism Effective practice, Dynamic thought, Channel power: Channelling the Pearl, Nourishing Spirit, Death and Ecstatic Flight, the Shaman’s Body, Journeying through the Inner Eye. Steps 1, 2, 3 are pre-requisite.  Dates

* Taoist Shamanic Healing There are no pre-requisites for this module. It is pre-requisite for Step 5. Dates

Step 5 Tao of the Shaman Taoist Shamanic Practice: Understanding power, Clear seeing, Step lightly in all worlds. For all pre-requisites click here



Chi Nei Tsang Hara Shiatsu Taoist Healing – Internal Organ Energy Massage: Stress relief, energy boost, detoxification, deep relaxation, emotional balance, improved breathing and digestion, health maintenance, pain management, care and maintenance of the vital organs…just some of the holistic benefits seen in Chi Nei Tsang – Taoist Massage – Hara Shiatsu, the amazing, powerful, hands-on natural therapy. No pre-requisites


REGULAR MEETINGS (click for next dates)

Jade Arrows for Men

Jade Circle for Women

3 Responses to Training Steps

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    Hello. I have attended 2 days at Mantac’s last visit at Columbia Hotel.
    Do you have any Jade Arrow men’s meetings that I could attend? (I couldn’t find out anything from the website)

    Tom Palfreman

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